April 24

Global Surveillance within the Wake of COVID-19

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OneZero is tracking thirty countries all over the world that are implementing surveillance programs in the wake of COVID-19:

The most common type of surveillance implemented to fight the pandemic may be the usage of smartphone location information, that may track population-level movement right down to enforcing individual quarantines. Some governments are usually making apps offering coronavirus health info, while also sharing place details with authorities for a time period. For instance, in earlier March, the Iranian federal government launched an app that it pitched as a self-diagnostic tool. As the tool’s efficacy had been likely low, given reviews of asymptomatic carriers of the herpes virus, the app saved location information of an incredible number of Iranians, in accordance with a Vice report.

One of the very most alarming measures getting implemented is within Argentina, where those people who are caught busting quarantine are being pressured to download a good app that tracks their area. In Hong Kong, those arriving in the airport receive electronic monitoring bracelets that must definitely be synced with their home place through their smartphone’s Gps navigation signal.

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