February 11

Crypto AG Had been Owned by the CIA



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The Swiss cryptography firm Crypto AG sold equipment to governments and militaries all over the world for decades after Globe War II. These were owned by the CIA:

But what not one of its clients ever knew was that Crypto AG was secretly owned by the CIA in an extremely categorized partnership with West German cleverness. These spy firms rigged the business’s devices so that they could easily split the codes that nations used to deliver encrypted messages.

This is not actually news. We’ve long known that Crypto AG was backdooring crypto products for the Americans. What’s new may be the formerly classified paperwork describing the facts:

The decades-long arrangement, being among the most closely guarded secrets of the Cold War, is laid bare in a classified, comprehensive CIA history of the operation obtained by The Washington Post and ZDF, a German public broadcaster, in a joint reporting project.

The accounts identifies the CIA officers who ran this program and the business executives entrusted to execute it. It traces the foundation of the venture and also the inner conflicts that almost derailed it. It describes the way the United Claims and its own allies exploited other countries’ gullibility for a long time, taking their cash and stealing their techniques.

The operation, known first by the code title “Thesaurus” and afterwards “Rubicon,” ranks being among the most audacious in CIA history.

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