February 12

Businesses that Scrape Your Email

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Motherboard includes a long article upon apps — Edison, Slice, and Cleanfox — that spy on your own e-mail by scraping your display screen, and sell that info to others:

Some of the firms listed within the J.P. Morgan record sell information sourced from “private inboxes,” the record provides. A spokesperson for J.P. Morgan Analysis, the area of the business that created the record, informed Motherboard that the study “is supposed for institutional clients.”

That record describes Edison as providing “consumer buy metrics including brand name loyalty, wallet share, buy preferences, etc.” The record adds that the “supply” of the info is the “Edison E-mail App.”


A dataset attained by Motherboard displays what a few of the details pulled from free e-mail app users’ inboxes appears like. A spreadsheet that contains information from Rakuten’s Slice, an app that scrapes a user’s inbox to allow them to better track deals or obtain money back once something goes down in cost, contains the item an app consumer bought from the specific brand name, what they compensated, and an special identification code for every buyer.

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